Articles by Bill Ramsay

Nuclear Guantanamo on the Clyde?“, July 2020

Scotland’s Place in the World: An equitable and sustainable approach to the development of the foreign and defence policies of an independent Scotland“, May 2020
“… I suggest that because of Scotland’s inherently stable geopolitical situation it will able to develop a progressive foreign policy based upon the paradigm of Human Security in which Scotland’s National Security concerns can be given their place, but within an overall Human Security context.”


The UK’s post-Brexit Defence policy is dangerously delusional
Common Space, February 2019

Join us this Sunday to plan for a Scotland without Trident
Common Space, November 2018

“NATO and its Shared Values”
Common Space, July 2018

Wound Up in the Weeds of Westminster
May 2018

“Labour Built the Bomb”
Bella Caledonia, July 2017

“Westminster, the Bomb and the SNP”
Bella Caledonia,May 2015

A Codpiece Called Trident”, Common Space (15th April 2016)

How Scotland’s whisky industry could be an economic key for the future”, Common Space (20th July 2016)

Why the UK’s use of drones is something you need to know about“, Common Space (9th September 2015)

Why it’s worth paying attention to defence and security committees“, Common Space (26th October 2015)